Steaming hot bowl of pho ga

Pho Every 1 – Rowland Heights

Piping hot bowl of pho ga

In all honesty, my sis and I were scavenging Yelp for cheap eats around the area and stumbled upon Pho Every 1, a recently opened Vietnamese resto off Colima Road. They were offering $3.99 specials on the chicken pho and Hainan chicken rice at the time. At such low prices, we weren’t expecting much from the food, just something to fill our stomachs. But we were pleasantly surprised by what we found there. Vietnamese restaurants are pretty rare in the Rowland Heights area.

Chicken pho (phở gà) The chicken pho (phở gà) came steaming hot, with a side of fresh bean sprouts and basil. The soup was delicious, light and crisp, and pungent with spices. The meat was a bit bony for me, but I happily gnawed away at all the protein left on the bones. Hainan chicken rice (海南雞飯) The Hainan chicken rice was alright, nothing to write home about. The presentation was surprisingly nice, with a side of pickled carrots and turnips (the kind usually found in banh mi sandwiches). But the 3 traditional dipping sauces (kecap or soy sauce, ginger and chili sauces) were not provided. It was a bit awkward for me to eat without these requisites, so I found the dish a bit bland.


Pho Every 1
18977 Colima Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


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