At Last Cafe – Long Beach, CA

At Last Cafe
204 Orange Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802 

This is a small cafe in Long Beach, almost hard to find if you aren’t looking closely, but definitely a gem.  I went here before dropping a friend off at Long Beach airport, which is about 10 minutes away, and I really enjoyed the food here.  Between 3 people, we ordered the mixed green salad, mac and cheese, and brick chicken, and it came out to be around $25.  The mixed green salad was very light and refreshing, it’s one of my favorite salads, but the menu stated it would have candied walnuts, while my salad did not come with any 😦 Still yummy though.  The mac and cheese is…I can’t even explain how good it is, the picture does not do it justice.  It is hands down the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had.  It’s not heavy at all, even though it’s full of cheese flavor.  The macaroni was cooked perfectly so you don’t get tired of eating it, and it was topped off with baked bread crumbs which added so much to the texture.  The bowl was huge for the price also.  The brick chicken is a 1/4 piece of chicken that’s cooked under a brick (I’ve been trying to imagine it too), and it has this light red sauce, almost like a acidic marinara sauce or something, their smashed potatoes, and some steamed veggies.  Everything was fresh and good, and the chicken was super moist…so good.  If you’re ever in the area I recommend this place, it also has a great laid back atmosphere with friendly waiters and waitresses.





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