Frying Fries!

I must be on some kind of inspirational roll to be posting so many things up recently.  Now before I begin, let me just say that ONCE in a while, you gotta just splurge, hold nothing back, and enjoy one of America’s favorites – fries!  Luckily before this, I hit the gym because mannnn….just being in the same room with this deep fryer was enough to make me sweat oil.

Anyhow, Michelle’s family decided to invest in one of these bad boys over Christmas, only Buddha knows why…but we made use of it tonight.  What obvious food to try deep frying first but fries right?  We went to Safeway and bought 3 russet potatoes that came out to 5 lbs total for 89c/lb, and a bunch of parsley for 99c – a total of less than $5 for everything!  Came back to her house and her dad hands her a sweet potato from the pantry and told her to fry it too.  Everything else was already in the kitchen.  Here’s the recipe, or more of a guide, since we honestly winged everything.

-Russet potatoes (these are the best for frying because of all the starch)
-Minced garlic
-Sweet Potato
-Garlic powder


Michelle heated up the canola oil in the fryer to 350 degrees while I washed and peeled the  potatoes.  Make sure you line the area where you are going to fry just in case the oil splashes, it’ll make cleaning up a lot easier.  I prepared a basin of water and salt to dump the potatoes in after we cut them into strips so they wouldn’t brown while waiting to be fried.  John and I cut the potatoes, the sweet potato was very hard to cut, so be careful. After soaking for a couple minutes, Queenie and I used paper towels to dry all the fries before deep frying them (this is a very important step, DO NOT dump wet fries into the fryer or you are asking to be hurt and burned).  This fryer was really good so we didn’t even need to close the lid, no splashing from the oil at all…but we did it anyway so it would smell less in the house.  We did about two handful of fries at a time, for around 5 minutes until they were golden brown, took them out, and placed them on a paper lined tin tray to dry.  For the plain fries, we seasoned lightly with salt and served with ketchup, old school style.



Garlic fries: Saute the minced garlic with oil in a pan to bring out the flavor, season with salt and pepper to your liking.  Cut up the parsley leaves into small pieces.  Combine with fresh fries while they are still hot and serve.


Sweet potato fries: John made a mix of around 3/5 garlic powder, 1/5 salt, and 1/5 pepper for the seasoning of the sweet potato fries, it was delicious!


Conveniently, Michelle’s mom had some of these cool serving baskets (6 for $2.99 from Marshalls), so I cut up some parchment paper and voila! Cute and simple presentation.  All these served around 9 people, before we got tired of them.  They’re best served right away since we don’t have a commercial fryer or the preservatives to keep them tasting great 10 years later.

Credits to Michelle’s iPhone for the pictures.



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