Pork/leek dumplings ~ 豬肉韭葱水餃

FFY Noodle House – Rowland Heights

Went to eat at Noodle House in Rowland Heights, part of a growing trend of Mainland restaurants serving Northern Chinese cuisine. Although the signage uses the an ambiguous name: ‘Noodle House’, it’s called Fu Fang Yuan (福方園) in Chinese. It’s listed as Noodle House on Yelp too. The restaurant is located in a strip mall, wedged in between a Thai restaurant and Cocary, a Chinese hot pot restaurant.

The restaurant is pretty spacious. The entire kitchen is lit and visible through a glass window, a la Din Tai Fung. There are plenty of seats, making this a good place for bigger parties. For Christmas, there was a nicely decorated tree on display, a rarity for Chinese places.

The chairs are also customized, with a bowl of noodles etched on the backs. I thought it was a cute touch.

Sichuan-style sesame noodles ~ 擔擔麵
Sichuan-style noodles ~ 擔擔麵

We ordered the ambiguously listed Sichuan-style noodles (but oddly enough, 擔擔麵 or dan dan mian in Chinese), so I personally expected a fiery hot red chili soup of noodles and minced meat. To my surprise, a very subdued version arrived on the table, filled with chopped vegetables and bean sprouts covering a heapful of boiled noodles. On the bottom of the bowl was a semi-thick sesame sauce to be mixed in with the veggies and noodles.  Then it hit me, these were not Sichuan-style dan dan mian, more of a Taiwanese style cold noodle salad than a noodle soup. It was pleasant tasting, fresh and crisp. I especially liked the sauce, which was light and spiced, not buttery tasting and heavy.

Green onion pancake ~ 蔥油餅
Green onion pancake ~ 蔥油餅

We also ordered green onion pancakes, which were generously portioned. I was surprised at how thick they were. In all honesty though, I found it a bit bland and a bit too oily.

Pork/leek dumplings ~ 豬肉韭葱水餃
Pork/leek dumplings ~ 豬肉韭葱水餃

The last order were 10 boiled pork and leek dumplings. Not much to write home about: just your run-of-the-mill dumplings, with average dumpling skins and a generous meat filling.

FFY Noodle House (福方園)
18219 Gale Ave.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


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