Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Dining – Pasadena, CA

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Dining
70 W. Green St., Pasadena, CA 91105  (the last page)

Hello! Long time no blog ^^ It’s been over a year since my last review so I thought I’d make a grand comeback with this review which features ALL THREE of us!  We decided to meet up for lunch and discuss the launch of our new website, and we were all hungry (as usual) so Justin decided to come here! AYCE Japanese bbq for $14.95 per person in pretty downtown Old Pasadena.  We went around noon so there was a little trouble finding parking because of the lunch rush, but I persevered after going into two parking lots with the direction of Josie and Justin who were standing on the corner of the street guiding me 🙂

From reviews on Yelp and such, folks were saying this place has bad service, but our experience was the total opposite, minus the fact that the hostess did not greet us.  We were seated immediately and shown the menu, and Justin was able to get us a free appetizer (crab shui mai) through Yelp, which were yummy.  Not wasting anytime, we ordered right away.  We wanted the sweet potato but they ran out so they offered us spinach instead, which turned out to be pretty good – with a lot of butter added to it.  The dishes below are the ones we tried, and although they say you can’t order the same meat dish before finishing the one you have, they didn’t reject when we asked which was nice.  The service is great, they were super friendly, and changed our grill a couple times.

I was disappointed they didn’t have sweet potatoes because I was really looking forward to that, and after a while all the sweet marinade on the meat and basically flavored everything else so it all started to taste the same to me.  Also, the texting to get free ice cream doesn’t apply anymore, they will give you free edemame though, so we took that.  Other than this, it was pretty good for ayce Japanese bbq, although I would still prefer Kbbq any day.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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