Sinbala – Arcadia

This popular Taiwanese restaurant is usually packed any day of the week, especially in the evening. Luckily, my friend and I went early in the day, so it wasn’t too busy. However, a few minutes after we arrived, the restaurant began to fill up.

I’ve been here a a couple of times before and have never been disappointed. It’s been a really long since I’ve been here, and each time I go, I always make an effort to try something new.

I ordered the fried chicken leg rice dish.

This dish comes with a side of steamed/boiled cabbage, mixed vegetables, fluffy fried soy sauce scrambled eggs, a bed of rice, and the fried chicken leg. The meat was taken off the bone of the chicken leg, and fried in slices. It has a good flavor, and a nice crunch to it. I love the taste of the soy sauce eggs, which are slightly sweet. The portions are fairly big here, and it was decently priced at $6.50.

I love Sinbala! However, it’s a pain having to wait in line for this place. I think the wait time can range around 20 minutes-1+hour on weekends (especially nights).

Try it out.

❤ josie

651 W Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007

Other dishes from sinbala: Spicy beef noodle soup, Sausage rice combination, black bean noodles.


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