Class 302 – Rowland Heights

Class 302 is pretty well known among Asians in the LA area, especially for its shaved snow (a dessert similar to shaved ice, except the “snow” has a really fine consistency) and its kitschy school lunch box meals. The place has wooden school desks and a blackboard, reminiscent of old school classrooms. This was my first time coming to Class 302 with my DSLR, so I decided to snap pics and make the most of it.

While waiting for my high school friends to arrive, I ordered an appetizer of sweet potato fries (with plum spices) to prevent them from kicking me out (it was a rather busy Sunday). To my surprise, the fries were hearty and thick, and made just right: crispy and flavorful batter that retained the sweet potato’s juicier innards)

When my friends arrived, we ordered, after a bit of thinking. One of my pet peeves, as I’ve mentioned, are poorly designed menus. Class 302’s is no exception. It was pretty difficult to navigate through bulky binders with sheet protectors and too many pages.

I ordered the railroad pork chop noodles, a fried slab of pork chop over a noodle soup. The soup was bland, but the portions were pretty big. Likewise, I thought the railroad pork chop wasn’t seasoned enough.

My friends got combo biandang (便當) meals instead: Rosemary salmon with Taiwanese sausages, and Basil chicken with preserved vegetables (鹹菜). I sampled a bit of their meals, which were pretty bite-sized and came in metal lunch boxes. Nothing special imho. I thought the chicken was a bit greasy and the salmon was bland.

For dessert, we split a green tea flavored shaved snow, with red beans and mochi, along with a heapful of condensed milk, even though it was raining that day. They make pretty damn good shaved snow. Everything melted in my mouth like I wanted to, but I still think Pa Pa Walk’s shaved snow trumps Class 302.

Peace, Justin

Check out Josie’s review of Class 302 before.

P.S. The parking can be maddening, especially on the weekends, because that plaza is anchored by a 99 Ranch Market and Class 302 is surrounded by a medley of Chinese restaurants.

Class 302 (三年2班)
1015 Nogales St # 125
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


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