Western Doma Noodles – Koreatown

Western Doma Noodles is one of those hole-in-the-wall restos, located in a pretty shady strip mall, but serves hearty meals. Apparently the ahjummas who service the tables liked our group, so we got a complimentary appetizer of ddukbokki, spicy rice cakes with gochujang sauce, along with an array of other banchan, or side dishes.

As the restaurant’s name implies, their name to fame are their handcut noodles, kalguksu, served with a broth of your choosing. We shared the seafood and kimchi kalguksu, which came in pretty large portions. I’d say that these are among the best noodles I’ve had.

We also ordered a side of mandu, steamed dumplings with pork (or beef?). I remember being confused by the mystery meat inside, which smelled like beef to me, but looked like pork. Ah well..

Definitely recommended, for a cold winter day!

Address: 429 N Western Ave Ste 10, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Peace, Justin

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