Newport Seafood – Rowland Heights

Most of my visits to Newport Seafood have been to the branch in San Gabriel. One of my high school friend’s dad works at Newport Seafood, which is a pretty big name in the area, as a chef. That branch recently took over the space of a vacated Marie Callendar’s and is much fancier than the franchise in Rowland Heights.

I became acquainted with Rowland Heights’ Newport Seafood recently, which is much smaller, located in an Asian-style strip mall (designed to look like a gaudy medieval castle) on Colima Road. As the resto’s name implies, it’s known for seafood. But on the day my family went, we weren’t up for anything fancy, so we just ordered 2 lunch special dishes (~$6.50 – $7.25).

Newport’s dishes are semi-Chinese dishes with a pan-Asian flair (incorporating ingredients commonly found in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine). The customary savory soup was typical, thick and potently sour. I had to dilute mine with tea.

The grilled shrimp and tofu was pretty decent, generous with meaty shrimps and beancurd chunks. The portions, as the picture indicates, were huge, especially for a lunch special item. Though the dish wasn’t as salty as I’d imagined it would be.

Next came the clams in Thai-style sauce, a mound of cooked clams piled atop a plate, drooping with a mystery “Thai-style” sauce that did not taste remotely Thai. Nonetheless, it was very yummy, with the spices thoroughly infused in the clam meat. The sauce alone also went well with plain rice.

Address: 18441 Colima Rd. Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | Yelp

Peace, Justin


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