Tea Way – San Francisco

One of our friends told us about a self-serve boba joint in Norcal called Tea Way (一茶道), so we decided to try it out. It’s located in Sunset, so we took the Muni to get there.

The place was pretty small, but there was a steady stream of customers when we went. At the counter, you select the drink of your choice and pay up. The cashier then gives you an empty cup to fill with toppings of your choice, ranging from red beans to tapioca pearls to pudding. Then the cup is handed over to a another employee behind the counter who fills in the cup and seals it.

Passion lychee tea, pumpkin pie milk tea, ovaltine milk tea, honey milk tea

The drinks are just okay. I found them really sweet though, especially the honey milk tea. The pumpkin pie milk tea was interesting, but didn’t taste like pumpkin pie.

All of us filled in an appropriate amount of toppings, except for Laurie, who apparently went berserk in the self-serve section and filled her cup to the brim with all these chewy pearls and other odd toppings, leaving no room for the passion lychee tea she had chosen.

Address: 2150 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122 | map


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