Lobster time

Lobster time!

My mom brought home two 1 1/4 lb lobsters today. We were trying to think of the best/easiest way to cook it, so my mom suggested to just steam it. I’m not a fan of eating seafood with butter. I never got the hyped about it. I’m so used to eating it fried, and cooked in house garlic special sauce.

In Indonesia, seafood is usually steamed and eaten with a side sauce. I didn’t take a picture of the sauce, but basically crab or lobster is usually eaten with a chili sauce. The chili sauce that my mom made was just a combination of ketchup and a chili sauce we call “cap jempol” (pictured below)

It’s a nice garlic, chili type sauce. It’s very smooth, but packs a large kick to it.

It was really good and simple meal. I ate the lobster with some rice. It was a nice dinner on a cold day.

❤ josie


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