Saladang Song – Pasadena

I’m not a fan of upscale Thai restaurants, but Saladang Song is indeed a nice place to dine. My mom enjoys eating here because of the ambiance and atmosphere, with Thai pop ballads humming in the background. There’s a large industrial/urban-style courtyard that has a lot of outdoor seating. And everyone’s seated in wicker chairs.

The food’s a bit on the expensive side, especially considering that there are far better deals in the 626. Nothing special about it, from pad see ew to ba mee. Portions are decent, but nothing was particularly memorable.

Kuay tiow: Thai noodle soup with fish balls and wontons

Khao ga pao: Stir-fried pork with chili and basil

Khanom jeen sao nam: Rice vermicelli with pineapple, garlic, coconut cream, ginger, dried chili and fish balls.

Nam prik Saladong Song: Grilled salmon served with a dip of kiwi fruit, mushroom, garlic, onion and chili and vegetables

Map: 383 S Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105 | Yelp

Peace, Justin


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