Little Green Bean – Rowland Heights

Little Green Bean (綠豆苗) had pretty good reviews on Yelp (4 stars) so I went to check it out. It’s inside an Asian shopping plaza, almost next door to a Ten Ren Teahouse.

The milk teas are sorta pricey here, considering Quickly, a block down, sells boba milk tea for 89 cents a cup. On our first visit, we got a tapioca milk tea-coffee ($3.50 L) and a tapioca milk tea with coffee jelly ($4.00 L).

The milk tea-coffee was surprisingly good. There was a strong hint of expresso and the drink was creamy. The pearls were likewise chewy. The tapioca milk tea with coffee jello was just okay, but the coffee jelly gave it a kick.

I went there a second time, but things apparently went downhill. The milk tea tasted different and the tapioca pearls tasted stale. Perhaps it’s a hit-or-miss type of thing.

Address: 18415 E Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | Yelp

Peace, Justin

P.S. Ask for a stamp card. They don’t hand them out unless you ask for them.


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