Capital Seafood – Rowland Heights

Capital Seafood Restaurant is a staple in my family. When we can’t decide on a place to eat, this is always our fallback option, because the food is that good. In the countless number of times I’ve eaten there, I’ve never left with a complaint, only with a full stomach.

Their lunch special prices are rock bottom (all dishes are under $7.25) and taste great. Also, another rarity in Asian restaurants: good service. The waiters are friendly and polite, even engaging in conversation on occasion. Rice is also unlimited at no extra charge!

My favorite dish there is the pan fried sweet and sour fish, an whole fish that is fried to perfection and soaked in a delicious sweet and sour sauce. (The sauce is so good that if there are leftovers, my mom will bring it back home to use in her dishes).

The lunch special menu also comes with 2 complimentary soups: a savoury sour bean curd soup with mushrooms and sliced bamboo shoots, and a warm tapioca dessert soup at the end.

1015 Nogales St Ste 132, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | Yelp

Peace, Justin


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