Johnny Rockets – Pasadena

Johnny Rockets- Smokehouse Burger

There is a to-go version of Johnny Rockets across the street from campus. I’ve never eaten at Johnny Rockets before, even though it’s been in the mall for a really long time. I randomly decided to eat here on Monday.

It’s pretty pricey for this, I would say. I think it came out to about $7-8. The fries were steak cut. The burger contained onion rings and bacon, topped with a mayo-bbq type sauce.

The burger was good, but not great. It’s definitely better than fast food joints, but it pales in comparison to Red Robin or Islands’ burgers.

I got tired of the taste really fast towards the end.

Kind of disappointing. I could’ve gotten Carl’s Jr for less, and would’ve gotten a better burger.

❤ Josie

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