Honeyboba – Arcadia

Honey Boba

As I was coming home from my microbio class the other day, I stopped by Honey Boba because I read that it was comparable to Half & Half. I wanted to find out for myself.

When I first entered the boba place, I found it really misleading in so many ways.

  1. It looks a lot bigger from the outside, but really it had seating enough for maybe 10 people at most.
  2. It reminded me of Guppy Tea House from the outside because of the plants, but really the place could do without it.
  3. They have the fat cups on display, the ones similar to the half & half ones.

The place wasn’t that inviting when I first walked in. Pretty much the counter is like this huge wall, with a square cut out, where you order your drink/food and also pick up your order. Really inefficient in my opinion.

I asked the worker there what she recommended and she said the Hello Honey Milk Tea was one of their more popular drinks. So I ordered it.

I brought the drink home and drank it there. The boba is good— definitely I could taste the honey flavor. The tea overall was way too sweet. I felt like I was going to get diabetes from drinking it. I regularly get honey milk tea from boba places, and this was just way too much for me. I felt sick after drinking it.

Overall, I think the prices are similar to half & half, but I still think that half & half is probably better.

Oh! Just giving you a heads up, boba is not included in the price of the drink. It’s an additional $0.50 more. I mean… what kind of boba place doesn’t include boba in their drinks/prices.

Come on!


1 W Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007


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