Half & Half Tea House – San Gabriel

Half & Half Tea House

A friend of mine just recently had knee surgery, so I offered to take him out to eat. We originally wanted to go for shaved ice, but the restaurant that I wanted to go to is closed on Tuesdays. So we headed over to half & half in San Gabriel.

I have only been here a few times, and each time I tend to order the same things: either the caramel milk tea with boba or the caramel ice milk with pudding and boba. This time I had the caramel ice milk. As you can see, there’s a frothy ice milk mixture at the top and thick sweet pudding at the bottom. The caramel is drizzled on the inside of the cup, and so it requires quite a bit of mixing before you can have a consistent caramel taste throughout the drink itself.

I also ordered the peanut brick toast. This was basically a piece of toast with peanut butter slathered on top and toasted. It wasn’t that amazing. I repeatedly feel disappointed with each brick toast I come across and automatically compare it to the brick toast at Guppy Tea house. There really is no comparison. Anyway, if you ever bought bread from those Asian bakeries such as JJ Bakery or Cathay Bakery, this is the same type of bread and thickness— just with toppings. Not worth the ~$3.75 it costs. I don’t remember the exact price, but it ball parked around that area.

Sure Half & Half tastes good but it is a bit pricey. I think on a regular basis, if I were to get half & half to go, I wouldn’t consider it as worth the wait. Last time I waited 20 minutes for my drink to be made to go. Although I admit that when we were seated, the drinks came out within 5 minutes or so. I don’t know why there’s such a huge discrepancy in production time between ordering to go and eating in.

Anyway, I like half & half but probably only for once in a while occasions. The price and the sweetness of their drinks make it hard for me to see it as something I would get regularly. But that’s just me.


120 N San Gabriel Blvd Ste H
San Gabriel, CA 91778


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