Teabar Starry

Teabar Starry: Strawberry Mango Shaved Ice

I had lunch with two of my friends today at a really cool, small Argentinian convenience store/restaurant. I didn’t take pictures, but next time I go back I definitely will. I had a really good steak sandwich, which I’ll write a review on some time later. Anyway, this review is really on the shaved ice we had afterwards in Arcadia.

I know, another shaved ice place? It seems like more shaved ice places are popping up around my area one by one. We originally went to Tasty to Go to try and their shaved ice, but found the place closed. =( Didn’t know they are closed on Tuesdays. So my friend James yelped the closest shaved ice place, and we settled on this place called Teabar Starry.Β 

A really random, somewhat ridiculous name—definitely Asian.

We knew it was in the general area near Din Tai Fung the dumpling restaurant, but we couldn’t find a sign for this shaved ice place. We walked around in circles for a bit, before realizing that it was adjacent to the book store, previously called Life Plaza.

This shaved ice was $6.99, which is considered a small. They have a bigger size for about $11.99. The shaved ice definitely was enough to feed 3 people after having lunch.

My first impression of the shaved ice was that it was really, really sweet. I was overwhelmed. But then we realized as we worked our way down into the shaved ice, underneath was a pile of bland ice. We should’ve mixed it all together (our bad). But it was a nice shaved ice. The fruit was fresh, and it definitely hit the spot on this hot day.

You guys should check out this Taiwanese coffee shop/shaved ice joint if you’re in the area.

Enjoy, Josie

1108 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007


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