YKKO – Yangon

YKKO (short for Yan Kin Kyay Oh or ရန်ကင်းကြေးအိုး) is one of the few restaurants in Yangon specializing in kyay oh (literally ‘copper pot’), a Burmese noodle soup with flat rice noodles, pork intestines and an egg. It has a few franchises throughout town, but kyay oh (ကြေးအိုး) is not nearly as popular as biryani. I think kyay oh has Chinese origins, but I’m not 100% sure.

The folks here let you choose what kind of noodles (flat, thin, thick, etc) you want and how you want it cooked (fried or in soup). First up was kyay oh with flat noodles. The soup base is very meaty and there’s a half-cooked egg that’s added on top.

My sister ordered a variation of dry kyay oh, called kyay oh si gyet (ကြေးအိုးဆီကြက်), meaning it’s been fried in cooked oil and garnished with fried garlic. It comes with a soup that’s lighter than the one found in kyay oh.

I ordered the same thing, except my soup base was meatier and there was a quail egg included. The pork meat is really tender and easy to eat.

No. 286, Seikkantha St.,
Kyauktada Township, Yangon



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