Salju Dessert – Alhambra

Salju Dessert: Matcha Shaved Snow

35 West Valley Blvd #B
Alhambra, CA 91801

For one whole week, Calvin of thoughtsovereasy.tumblr has been itching to go to this new Indonesian dessert place in Alhambra. He told me about the place and I yelped it. It looked really good from the pictures I saw, and it was decently priced. I finally got a chance to go with him earlier tonight.

Surprisingly it was easy to find. It is located right across from Naga Naga Ramen, formerly where Noodle World was located a long time ago. When we first walked up to the place, there weren’t any customers inside. However, the workers greeted us with a smile and immediately handed us the menu. They explained the choices, although the menu was pretty straightforward.You can choose a flavor of shaved snow, along with 3 toppings and your choice of syrup.

Calvin and I chose the Matcha Shaved snow, topped with strawberries, colorful mochi and grass jelly. We also wanted to stick with condense milk for our choice of syrup. It was a decently sized bowl, so Calvin and I shared one. The total came out to be about $5.95 after tax. (Correct me if I’m wrong Calvin). They handed us our order and we took a seat towards the back.

The dessert place was well decorated. It was very bright and colorful. It had a nice whimsical feel to it. A really cool place to kick back.After we came, more people came but they took their orders to go.

So when we finally dug into our shaved snow, we were pleasantly surprised. The texture of the snow is definitely softer than Class 302’s shaved snow. The flavor was mild. It wasn’t bitter, as you may find with most matcha dishes. It wasn’t too sweet either. It was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the toppings.

The owner of the dessert place brought over to us our own bottle of condense milk in case we wanted more. Definitely a big plus for me! If you’ve been to Guppy Tea House, then you know that they make you pay extra for condense milk and it’s a rip off.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dessert that they served and their service was really great. I will definitely come back here regularly.


*all photos taken by Calvin*


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