Yogurtland – Sawtelle

Tokidoki at Yogurtland: How we met the Co-Owner of TokiDoki

After having the Sanrio styled Yogurtland cups and spoons today with my yogurt, it made me think back to the time they had the Tokidok Collaboration, back in 2009.

I remember that experience really well, because it was a special night.

Nicole and I went to Yogurtland with our friend Jason. We went to the one over in Sawtelle, like around 10-11 at night. We took a seat outside, and before eating my yogurt I took a picture of it on my phone. There was a guy sitting at the table next to us and he suddenly said, “did you just take a picture of your yogurt?” Nicole and I both smiled and said, “yeah, it’s really cute.”

We didn’t think too much about it, but the guy continued to talk to us. He told us his name was Ivan and he was the one who was responsible for the Tokidoki themed Yogurtland cups. Now, imagine how we must’ve felt at that moment. The three of us exchanged glances like, “is this guy for real?”

Jason asked him what he had meant. Ivan said that he was the co-owner of Tokidoki. We were so amazed, we had to ask him over and over, “wait, are you serious?” We talked to him for a while and realized this guy was seriously legit.

Sometime during our conversation, I told him that it was a really great idea and that I really loved tokidoki’s art. I also mentioned how I wanted to collect all of the spoons. After hearing that, he got up, went back inside Yogurtland and got us a handful of the different collectible spoons. I was so thrilled!

He told us about the new Tokidoki store that was opening up in the area, and told us that we should go to the grand opening. It was really exciting! Unfortunately, none of us could make it to the grand opening.

Anyway, I will never forget that night. During my time at UCLA, I didn’t come across a lot of celebrity sightings or anything like that. But definitely, I will never forget the night we met the co-owner of tokidoki.


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