Boudin Café – San Francisco

Okay, been totally lagging on posting up reviews of our NorCal trip this spring break. Sorry, Josie!

We stopped over at SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf to try the famed Boudin Café, somewhat of local landmark.

They have all sorts of cutely-shaped sourdough breads and a cool basket/conveyer belt system across the cafe to transport breads from the ovens to the shelves.

ZOMG crab sourdough breads and more galore!

Basically, all of us ordered the Best of Boudin, $7.29 for 2 items of your choice.

Laurie and Michelle got the Romaine hearts salad with sourdough croutons & grated parmesan cheese, along with a clam chowder bread bowl.

Alvin and I ordered a crab cake sandwich (around $8), along with a Best of Boudin, which included half a tuna salad sandwich and a clam chowder bread bowl. Twas delish, but portions were admittedly small…

The tuna salad sandwich, with lettuce, sliced tomatoes on bread was your standard fare, but the sourdough gave the tuna salad a nice kick.

The clam chowder bread bowl was yummy too. The warm toasty bread bowl was surprisingly moist and chewy.

Environment: Cafeteria style, with orders taken at the counter. Pretty casual and informal. There are factory tours upstairs too.

Service: Self-serve. See above.

Verdict: ‘Tis a SF staple!

Address: 160 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133 | map


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