Korean Fish Fillet

Product Review: Korean Fried Fish Fillets

So, if you remembered from a few posts back, I had went to the Korean market and bought a number of things. And yes! Another fried thing to add to the list. (I promise you I am not usually this unhealthy).

I can’t read Korean (unfortunately), so I don’t know the name of this product. However, I took a picture of the bag, so maybe you can go off of that. I was offered a free sample when I was walking at the market, and so I really wanted to buy this. It’s really good!

So I fried it up and ate it with a side of kimchi over a bed of white rice. Soooo good.

Honestly, I don’t know what type of fish this is, because I can’t read Korean. Maybe if someone knows Korean, they can translate for us.

Anyway, I definitely want to buy more of these.



p.s watch out for my next product review of strawberry straws, yet another Korean product!


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