Chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie

I made chicken pot pie today for the first time. I must say after tinkering with the cooking times, to insure thorough cooking of the pie crust, I was fairly pleased with the result. Although the next time I ought to buy 2 boxes of pie crust instead of one.

I used a store bought pre-made pie crust, which you can find in your freezer section next to the biscuits and such. The box comes with two rolled up pie crusts (for the top and bottom of a pie) and it was fairly simple to roll out.

Not knowing how much pie crust it would take to cover 4 ramekins, I simply bought one and made do.

Unfortunately I only had enough crust to make one lattice top pie and the others received a circle treatment.

Definitely will try making this again.

Oh, and with my new ramekins I was thinking of making mini green bean casseroles…but we shall see. I’ve never made a casserole before.




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