Sanya: Koreatown

So the other day, Saba (old roommate) really wanted to eat at BCD. Nicole and I went to go pick her up and somehow decided that we needed something more—so we opted for AYCE korean bbq.

I can’t remember whether Justin wrote a review on Sanya before, but this was my first time here.

We went on a Monday night, not too early or late. We actually beat the crowd and was seated within a few minutes. We ordered the brisket, the marinated pork, the pork belly, and I think the marinated beef. The quality of the meat is much better than most places I’ve gone. I’m a huge fan of marinated pork, so when I got it, I was happy to find that the pork wasn’t overly seasoned.

The pork belly was really good, too. Unlike most places where they give you more fat than meat, Sanya gave us good cuts of meat with little fat and more meat.

This was Saba’s first time at a AYCE korean bbq place, so to celebrate the occasion, I asked the manager/waiter to take a picture of us. haha, he was so amazed by my Hello Kitty Cheki instax 25s mini camera, and was even more surprised when the polaroid came out.

Anyway, this place was so good, I came back a second time the following week.

$13 korean bbq after tax and tip was a sweet deal.

I would totally come here, again.



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