The Hungry Cat – Hollywood

Nom nom nom.

I ate at The Hungry Cat, a seafood resto, for LA’s annual DineLA Restaurant Week with a fellow foodie, Shelly! It was my first ever DineLA experience and I was pleased, but not impressed by the food.  We ordered the prix fixe meal for $22 a person.

However, the resto is pretty difficult to find for first timers. We missed it while walking up Vine Street, because it’s located deep within a plaza, hidden behind another restaurant.

We were seated next to a pretty interesting man, whose whole family is basically involved in the culinary industry. He even asked me for my food blog URL, but I forgot to give it to him… Sigh. Coulda gotten discovered.

The resto’s decor is charming, really. I have a penchant for cats (in case you didn’t know already…meet Coca!) and there were framed cat pictures all over the walls. Even the signs to the men’s and women’s restrooms were cat-themed.) There’s also a lot of natural light coming in from huge windows, which made the place feel bigger.

Appetizer: Salmon Beignets, Horseradish Creme Frâiche and Arugula. The arugula was pretty bitter, but I must admit that these was my favorite part of the meal. The beignets were fried to perfection

Entree: Grilled albacore tuna, farro verde, roasted vegetables and a meyer lemon agrodolce. The grilled tuna was not cooked enough. Mind you, I’ve never had parsnip before, so it tasted like banana to me for some reason.

I love it when I don’t need to stage a shot like this.

Desserts: Pumpkin Beignets with Candied Bacon and Heiss Rose Ice Wine.
I wasn’t carded when I ordered the ice wine, for some reason. I guess I look 21+… The only other time I’ve had ice wine was at a vineyard in Canada, but this one had a strong alcoholic afterburn. That’s all I can say about it. I’m not very educated about wines.

The pumpkin beignets were underwhelming at best. They were pretty bland to me and didn’t taste much like pumpkin. The candied bacon bits were scrumptious and crunchy though.

Address: 1535 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90028 | Yelp

Peace, Justin


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