Yi Mei Deli – Rowland Heights

Yi Mei Deli (義美豆漿點心) is a pretty popular deli in Rowland Heights, next to the HK Food Market. It’s along a string of businesses that include a Taiwanese stinky tofu joint. Five of my friends and I came in on a Sunday morning, not realizing how cramped and busy this place gets.

Orders are taken at the counter and then delivered to each table. We had to keep a sharp eye out to find an open table to swoop in on. This is not the place to go for larger groups.

Chinese donut / 油條 ($1.45): I can’t get myself to Chinese donuts youtiao, because Hokkien and Burmese folks call it yo chia kway/yi kya kway (油炸粿). Rant aside, this was crispy and freshly fried, not hard, stale or extra oily (the usual problems).

Hot soy milk ($1.60): Delicious and fresh-tasting. It comes in a bowl with a soup spoon and has a crisp, light and very slight and sweet taste. There’s also the option of getting the soy milk salty for a few cents more.

Mushroom and egg tamale / 香菇蛋黃粽 ($2.95): Nothing special. It tasted like the frozen zongzi was simply microwaved. The sticky rice was dry too (not enough pork lard, perhaps), as was the filling, which was mostly mushrooms. Underwhelming at best.

Leek pancake / 韭菜盒子 ($4): Literally “leek box” in Chinese, this is a savory dish, with vermicelli and chopped leeks inside. Not worth it at all imo. The “pancake” was the size of my palm and had nothing extravagant inside: just vermicelli, chopped leeks and dried shrimp. It tasted very plain. I felt gypped.

No frills service. All the waitresses were reasonably friendly and attentive though. A lot of them didn’t speak English though. They were pretty nice about it when I accidentally took a frozen zongzi from the fridge and attempted to eat the frozen thing (wondering to myself why Taiwanese folks eat these frozen), because the cashier told me to grab one.

Sort of pricey given the food portions, but suffices for a so-called authentic Taiwanese breakfast experience. I’d come again for the FRESH soy milk.

Address: 18414 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | Yelp

Peace, Justin

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