Hunan Restaurant – Rowland Heights

Pretty spacious restaurant with plenty of tables, in the crowded 99 Ranch Market plaza. Parking is really hard to find on weekends, especially in the sea of confused Asian drivers who should not be operating 4-wheeled vehicles. Food was cooked and served pretty quickly too.


Hunan-style twice-cooked pork: Thin slivers of pork and bean curd cooked with overly generous amounts of diced peppers, chili and garlic dices. Still greasy, but the better of the two dishes, because the pork was well-cooked and juicy, while the bean curd slices were perfect in firmness.

Diced chicken with chili and garlic: Dices of boned chicken, in a slew of garlic, chili oil, chilis, ginger and other garnishes like coriander (cilantro). We ordered it medium spicy, which was too much for me to handle. My tastebuds were numb after eating this. And it was annoying to eat the chicken dices, because the bones were so small. The chicken was too salty.

Service is okay, but the waitresses speak only Mandarin. Our waitress started using her phone in the middle of taking our order. But then again, wait staff at Asian restos obviously have a different understanding of what good service means.

Very liberal use of oil and seasonings (especially salt) in dishes and on the pricier side for Chinese food in the 626 (dishes range from ~$8 to $12).

Address: 1015 S Nogales St # 131, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 | Yelp

Peace, Justin


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