Golden City – Yangon

Golden City (ရွှေမြို့တော် ချစ်တီး စားတော်စက်) is a Yangon-based franchise serving Burmese-style Southern Indian (Chettiar) cuisine. Most tourists who go to Burma realize that Indian and Chinese restaurants are much more common than native Burmese ones, especially in the cities. I think it’s because locals would much rather eat home-cooked Burmese food.

The insides are clean and comfortable. It’s a rather spotless restaurant, but it’s thoroughly local. And there’s an army of waiters at your beck and call.

My dad ordered aloo poori (အာလူးပူရီ) with goat curry (ဆိပ်သားဟင်း), served in the traditional Southern Indian style. Potato poori (puff-like bread) is dipped into the curry sauce and eaten with the side of dahl. It was pretty tasty, but not warm enough. (Burmese people tend to eat curries once they’re cooled, but I’m not used to that at all. It’s sorta unappetizing.)

As appetizers, we got some samusas (ဆမူစာ). Burmese samusas look more like flat, triangle-shaped dumplings than their Indian counterparts. The insides are a bit saltier too. Since my aunt thought they’d been out for awhile, she asked them to refry these, which explains why they look so greasy.

Someone also ordered Panthay (Chinese Muslim) rice (ပန်းသေးထမင်းကြော်), which wasn’t distinct at all. It just tasted like Chinese fried rice.

Panthay (Chinese Muslim) noodles with chicken (ပန်းသေးခေါက်ဆွဲ). It’s a dish of noodles and meat curry in a lightly oiled sauce, topped off with egg. It’s not spicy, and has a very distinct masala spice scent.

A variation of Panthay (Chinese Muslim) noodles with goat meat.

All in all, the food was okay, but nothing spectacular.

Address: near Downtown?




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