Boba Review № 11: Temple City’s Kang Kang

Kang Kang Food Court (康康小美) just opened in Temple City, part of a franchise of Chinese food courts in the 626 serving a really wide variety of Chinese dishes for cheap. Their menu options are numerous, extending all four walls.

We ordered Taiwanese-style shaved ice (剉冰) with red beans, mung beans, grass jelly and condensed milk, for about $4. They offer the option of 3, 4 or 6 sides to add to the shaved ice. Pretty generous portions.

I finally tried their boba for the first time today. Only $2.75 for a generous cup of tapioca milk tea (they have other options as well, like Thai tea and yuanyang for the same price).

The tapioca balls were pleasant and chewy, but they were clumped together. The strong brewed tea, though, is what stood out to me. The milk tea had a rich fragrance, made apparent by the fact that the liquid was much darker than most milk teas. And it was perfectly sweet—I felt no desire to add extra milk to dilute it.

Address: 9618 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780 | Yelp



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