Boba Review № 9: San Gabriel’s Snack Inc

Snack Inc. just recently opened in the Hawaii Supermarket Plaza. Before a boba shop counter was added, the store just sold Chinese snacks, like dried jujubes and dried mangoes. Now they sell boba milk tea too, with an extensive selection of teas and flavors.

We just ordered the normal tapioca milk tea, a safe choice and also $1.50 (for opening promotions). Unfortunately, the tea had a distinct odor, one of preserved fruits and candies and was quite runny. This might have been because the place doubles as a snack shop, selling preserved fruits and candies in those huge plastic jars. But, with each sip, the taste grew on me. The tapioca balls were sort of hard to chew too, a little plasticy, and most definitely not sweet.

No stamp of approval. :{

Address: 120 E Valley Blvd Ste A, San Gabriel, CA 91776 | Yelp (none!)



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