Resto Review: Hollywood’s Sushi Moon

Sushi Moon is a Korean-Japanese sushi bar located in a pretty shady part of Hollywood. Even the parking lot sign of the strip mall tells ya not to gamble or drink on premises.. My roommates and I finally tried their AYCE deal for $20 for the first (and last) time.

The atmosphere was decent and cozy. There are origami cranes hanging from the ceiling and only a handful of tables, but oddly enough, the waitress/server was sitting on a table in the back with her Toshiba laptop open, apparently watching a Korean drama. Guess it was a slow night.

I hate to bag on the sushi-making, but it was pretty inefficient and slow. There was only one sushi chef, who could churn out only 2 rounds of sushi for us before closing time, which was disappointing. We didn’t exactly imagine we’d have to negotiate with him on which rolls to make—not exactly what we had in mind for AYCE.

I honestly lost track of what we ordered, so I’ll just post up the interesting choices we made.

Sashimi. They were the perfect temperature, but the highlights were the spiced albacore and yellowfin tuna, which melted in the mouth like butter. Yum.

Inari, which are pretty hard to mess up in the first place. Decently-sized too.

Superman roll, one of the specialty rolls we got. It reminded me of a chicken wrap. But the skin of the sushi was too elastic.

My favorite of the night: lobster roll, basically rolls with avocado and cucumber and cooked lobster garnished on top. It was REALLY good. The popcorn roll (popcorn lobster sprinkled on tuna rolls) was done similarly.

The avocado roll was the last order they made for us before closing time. Nothing special, but I liked the sauce that came with it.

All in all, the AYCE deal was not worth it, considering the wait in between orders. Granted, the sushi was made neatly and the fish was pretty fresh. But now that I’ve experienced Midori, I don’t think I can ever go back to any other AYCE sushi place.

Address: 6775 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038 | Yelp



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