Midnight Snacks

I’m sure you’ve all had it before— the late night cravings and the hunger pangs you try to ignore.

Right now, I’m craving some mushroom, sausage, and pepperoni pizza from dominoes. Yum… guh, I’m so tempted to order it, but honestly I should really just sleep and eat tomorrow.

I think one of the most frequent things I crave the most at night is either something hot or something sweet.

Something hot: usually pizza or carne asada fries.. GAHH omg, I shouldn’t have thought about it. It’s so killer! Every now and then I really crave korean bbq. All you can eat— yummy meats! And OMG!!!!!!!!!! Spicy TOFU SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It’s a must have.

Something sweet: donuts… regular, glazed donuts, or chocolate donuts!!!! It’s terrible, but so good. I also crave ice cream, more specifically ice cream crepes, with chocolate and strawberry and whip cream on top.

Just writing this post has increased my hunger exponentially. =( However, I’ve decided to go to bed instead and sleep my hunger pangs away. It’s too late to eat anyway, and quite honestly, I don’t have the best track record with eating late (i.e, throwing up in the middle of the night because my body refuses to digest anything that is eaten past 12am).

Anyway, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to midnight snacks?


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