Boba Review № 8: Palms’ Boba Time

First off, I’ve obviously drunken more boba milk tea since my last boba review (San Gabriel’s Tea Spots). By last count, I’ve had 74 this year. I just never remember to bring a decent camera and frequent the same spots (call it my rotations) most of the time, so they’re not worth reviewing.. I shall review MPK’s Half and Half Tea House soon too.

Boba Time is in a generic nondescript plaza and their milk tea is apparently cheaper than their menu prices ($2, not $3.25). I usually get that so I can benchmark and compare it to other places.

So I ordered the tapioca milk tea, which was made promptly. The balls were chewy (meaning they weren’t stale yet) but not sweet (usually the trademark of tapioca balls). The milk tea itself wasn’t very memorable either. It was drinkable, plain and simple. I felt it was milkier than it was sweet. But considering this kind of price for boba in West LA, I was more than happy to be drinking it.

Bottom line: cheap and pleasant tasting.

Score: 7/10



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