Acapulco’s Margarita Mondays

Acapulco’s Margarita Mondays
Westwood, CA

I’m taking advantage of my age now…and being budget friendly.  The margaritas are $2.50 for the house margarita and $2.75 for fruit ones.  They come in strawberry, melon, mango, and coconut-pineapple if I remember correctly.  The best imo are the strawberry ones.  They come in two forms, blended or one the rocks.  I like the blended ones more because you can’t taste the tequila.  The food is also extremely cheap.  I got the shrimp and spinach cheese dip and it was yummy! Chips are complimentary.  I also tried the buffalo wings and they had too much vinegar for me so it hurt when I inhaled haha.  As you can see from the bill, the total is NOT that much considering all the food we got and the fact that it was for 10 people. Definitely will be back, and I’m taking the foodcoma gang with me!



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