McCormick & Shmick’s – Beverly Hills

Sometime last week, my roommates and I went to McCormick & Shmick’s for their happy hour menu, my first time there. The restaurant is right in the middle of Beverly Hill 90210’s Rodeo Drive, but not overly intimidating like other high-end restaurants around it.

Happy hour means outdoor seating, but that’s pretty comfortable. The whole setting reminded me of one of those shopping malls on the Las Vegas strip for some reason (the ones that imitate the outdoors).

The restaurant’s ambiance was pretty nice and relaxing. The table’s battery-operated candles flicker. Had me fooled until the very end.

I got a pineapple juice ($3.50), while my roommates got variations of lemonade. No alcohol, I swear. 🙂 Unfortunately, the drinks have to be $3.50 or higher to order off the happy hour menu.

All of my roommates got cheeseburgers, which come with a side of fries.

We also ordered 2 servings of sweet potato fries. They were good and served really well (but probably to cover up how little there were). The sauce is apparently a Indonesian chili sauce (sambal oelek aioli), but totally tasted American to me, since it was creamy and rich. Probably a sign that I shouldn’t try the gyoza here, or anything Asian for that matter.

Being the odd one out, I opted for a cheese quesadilla. It was a little salty but got me craving Rendezvous’ bbq chicken quesadillas. Oh, how I miss you. 😦

Rating: 3.75/5

– Justin


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