Shwe Pu Zun – Yangon

First stop upon landing in Burma: an obligatory pilgrimage to Shwe Pu Zun (ရွှေပုဇွန်, literally “Golden Shrimp,” but more a bakery and desserts shop), hands down, my favorite faloodah shop in the WORLD. Shwe Pu Zun is one of those rare Burmese eateries that actually meet international standards. I could imagine opening a franchise here in the States one day. Until then, it’s just a dream.

Ordering at the counter with a hoard of other people. Shwe Pu Zun probably attracts mostly middle and upper-end folks, because it’s not cheap by Burmese standards. The menu’s not too extensive, but they’re good at the food they serve.

The inside is spacious and clean. Pontsettias all around because it was Christmas that day.

The first thing I got was the one and only Burmese-style faloodah (ဖာလူဒါ), served with milk-soaked bread pudding, rosewater, tapioca and green verimicelli. It’s sweet-smelling and very tasty. All the faloodah crap I eat here in America can’t match Shwe Pu Zun’s.

Next was durian ice cream, which was okay. It was a bit too sweet but the durian taste was certainly there.

Last order was milk kulfi (ကူလ်ဖီ). If you’re familiar with Indian desserts, you know that it’s India’s answer to ice cream. The texture is very smooth and milky, and it’s rather thick, so it melts more slowly than ice cream.

Address: Shwe Pu Zun No. 14/A, Min Nandar Rd, Dawbon Township

Rating: 4.75/5

– Justin


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