Hyori’s potato pancakes

For Family Outing fans, you probably know all about Lee Hyori’s culinary skills in the kitchen. She seriously makes everything look so easy, but it ain’t. I found a recipe for her famous potato pancakes, and it seemed easy enough, so I took a stab at it and utterly failed.

Got my Idaho potatoes ready to be sliced and diced for the food processor.

Chopped them into little bits after skinning them.

Started blending them. That’s when it got nasty. As I blended them, the raw potato puree went from a pristine off-white color to a sickening pink color that slowly turned purplish-brown as time went on. And it took forever to blend. I ought to bring my Magic Bullet to my apartment.

The puree that was to be separated with a small mesh, to collect the potato starch. It looked worse than this picture would lead you to believe. I spent probably 45 minutes trying to rid of the discoloring by refiltering the puree, but it didn’t help.

Then I started mixing them with a pinch of salt and frying them. The pancakes were so freaking oily, they reminded me of that Chinese New Year cake, tikay/niangao (example). At the end, I was reduced to trying to grill these on the pan, hoping that they would turn out more pancake-like. Nope, didn’t help out.

The end result: discolored, deformed Korean potato pancakes! They were totally inedible, so I just threw them out, because I didn’t wanna give anyone a heart attack that night.

I immediately told my sister to try out the recipe too and hers turned out gross as well. If you have potatoes and a mesh, try this out and see if it works (Josie and Nicole?!)

I’m staying away from the kitchen for awhile.

Props to Hyori.

– Justin

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