Pepper Lunch USA – Milpitas

Pepper Lunch USA
Milpitas, CA

This is a Japanese place but it serves sizzling plates instead of sushi or ramen.  It’s popular in Milpitas but I’ve never gone because I don’t like going into this area during lunch but we went to try it out.  They have a lot of different varieties of foods and it looked yummy! I ordered the garlic butter beef and it came with rice and a salad.  I think my meal was 8.95ish, pretty decent.  The food was great and the meat was good quality, no fat on it, and easy to cook.  My friend’s salmon was a little harder to cook because it was skin down so it stuck to the plate and it sizzled a lot, got on all of us (not for people who fear frying stuff *cough*).  No complaints here except that it was only one guy working so it was a little slow but not too bad.  Good for a quick and good priced dinner. Yum!


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