Kumako Ramen and Shuei Do Manju Shop – San Jose

Kumako Ramen & Shuei-Do Manju Shop
San Jose, CA

These two places are right next to each other so we just went.  I ordered plum wine (first alcoholic purchase yay!) and edemame because I was full from dim sum with my parents.  The plum wine is yummy and not too strong and the edemame had the perfect amount of salt.  I tried some of my friends’ ramen and it wasn’t the best broth but the veggies in it were good and plentiful.  I especially liked the bamboo shoots.
This shaved ice place is infamous in San Jose and it’s so popular that it’s only open on weekends.  We went right after ramen and had to wait behind a couple people but it was worth it.  Paula & I got the regular shaved ice for $2.75 and we chose Strawberry and Pink lemonade.  It was SO GOOD!  The ice melts in your mouth and it’s so soft so it doesn’t give you brainfreeze.  Summertime favorite!


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