Hello Desserts – San Jose

Hello Desserts
San Jose, CA

Every so often when I crave for a yummy dessert I come here.  They specialize in European desserts as well as Asian ones so you can always find something you want.  This time around I ordered the affogato for the first time.  Gelato and coffee sounds yummy right?  I got it with hazelnut gelato and chocolate hazelnut espresso.  You pour the espresso into the cup and eat it like a root beer float.  It was amazing.  The gelato was rich and creamy and the texture was cooling and smooth in your mouth.  Pair it with the espresso and it was like a classy coffee party in my mouth haha.  No wonder it got thumbs up on the menu, I’ll definitely order this again.  Justin would love this!!!

Literally, a sweet ending to my birthday weekend 🙂



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