BBQ Chicken – Westwood

Nicole came down from NorCal last week, so to celebrate both our birthdays, we tried BBQ Chicken, which has been on my Yelp “to try” list for quite a while now. Plus, the Wonder Girls cf’s make the olive oil fried chicken all the more appetizing (link).

The restaurant’s not much to speak of. It’s a pretty small space, homely and devoid of anything that screams “franchise.” If I had not known, I would have guessed this was a family-run business. Business looked a little slow, probably because of the prices.

Nicole and I both ordered combo meals (4 pieces of chicken, a side and a drink), which were 9 dollars each (or around there).

Nicole got the original recipe “olive crispy chicken” with a side of corn salad. The chicken was really good, a lot less salty than KFC and fried for the Asian palate (delicately breaded). It wasn’t dripping with oil, or maybe the fact that everything at this place is fried with olive oil made me less obsessive about patting down the chicken pieces with napkins to soak up the excess oil. (I’m not OCD; My family has a history of high cholesterol. Just felt the need to explain) On the downside, for $9, I was honestly expecting larger pieces than what was served.

On the other hand, I got the “crispy chicken with sweet and spicy sauce,” with a side of French fries. My pieces were regrettably smaller, but the sauce compensated. It was like a party on my taste buds. It was sweeter than it was spicy and complemented the chicken well.

My side of fries was exponentially larger than Nicole’s side of corn salad. They looked exactly like the fries at Covel Commons (for non-UCLA folks, it’s a dining hall) but less salty. Still yummy but way too filling—this is why I try to avoid carbs at AYCE places.

The chicken’s good, but I’m not too sure if I’d be willing to pay so much just to get it cooked in olive oil and healthier-tasting than at American bbq chicken venues. Moving on to Super Junior’s Kyochon Chicken (link)!

Score: 4/5

– Justin


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