Mikonos Grill – Milpitas


Mikonos Grill
Milpitas, CA

Greek food craving!!! I haven’t been here in over a year but I remember it was good and it’s down the street from where I live so I made my friends come with me.  I ordered the gyros plate ($10) which comes with a lamb gyro, fresh cut fries, and a side salad.  The salad had tomatoes, feta cheese, whole olives, cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers, and a peperoncini with a light dressing that was a little tangy but not too much.  I liked it because it had a fresh taste and the red onion must have been soaked in water because it didn’t have an oniony taste at all.  The fries were perfect! They were thick and fried just right so the outside was crispy and the inside was soft.  Parsley bits were sprinkled on it which gave a unique flavor.  The gyros was so amazing.  The meat was tender, the sauce was cool and the tomatoes and little red onion bits enhanced the flavor of the meat and added texture to each bite.  Not to mention the yummy pita bread it came on, it was warm and fluffy.

My friends ordered the calamari plate, fish & chips plate, and the hummus also, all were yummy and definitely recommended, especially the fresh hummus on warm pita that was served.  The waitress was nice and suggested to my lost friends on what to order, and they bring your food to you after you sit down.  Random Greek craving outing – success!

Note: They have $1.45 beer during happy hours, from 3pm to 9pm. To be taken advantage of soon.



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