Palomino – Westwood

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Palomino is one of the few snazzy-looking restaurant-bar hybrids on Westwood. The usual happy hour crowd consists of yuppies, college kids and recent grads (I think). And boy was it packed. My roommates and I got there at 10 pm on a Monday night for the happy hour specials and luckily staked out a table in the crowded seating area. You can’t really expect impeccable service at this time though, because the tables are blocked by the people sitting at the bar and it’s really hard to navigate around.

We were just looking for night time appetizers and they said that the potato gorgonzola (criss-cut potato fries in a cream sauce and sprinkled with a very strong cheese) were especially good. Indeed they were. They weren’t fried to the point that they were bleeding oil, and the cream sauce was a nice touch. Plus, the portions were pretty decent for their happy hour price ($4.50 could feed the 4 of us).

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We also ordered a $5 chicken pizza, which was also decently-sized. It came in a wafer-thin crust, with little tomato sauce and sort of sparse on the chicken. I personally like pizzas with a lot of dough (especially the crust), so I wasn’t too thrilled when it came out. It was just okay, although a $5 pizza anywhere is a good deal.

Score: 4/5

– Justin

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