Boba Review № 7: San Gabriel’s Tea Spots

On our way to try out AU79, this new boba joint (Tea Spots) that replaced Sweet Berry caught my eye, so my sister and I decided to try the promotional buy 1 get 1 free Thai tea and milk tea ($2.25 without boba balls). The cashier was pretty nice, but that’s beside the point when the milk tea is subpar.

The tapioca balls are an extra 35¢ and not worth it. Sort of hard, almost stale and way too sweet. As for the milk tea, it had a very strange and artificial taste, like milk powder was used instead of real milk. The Thai tea was an improvement but still too sweet (white sugar sweet, not condensed milk sweet) and a bit too milky for my taste.

I don’t know if this place can outdo its competition on Valley, unless they step up their boba making skills to a whole ‘nother level.

Score: 7/10

– Justin

P.S. There are so many Asian boba/tea/coffee places I want to try in the 626 like Roaster Family Coffee (a Taiwanese coffee shop chain that just opened shop in Alhambra), but I’m gonna be stuck in barren Westwood all summer. Lame.

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