Vung Tau II – Milpitas

Vung Tau II Vietnamese Restaurant
Milpitas, CA

I had lunch here last week and it’s one of those restaurants my family has been going to for ages.  The food is amazing and they get really busy during the weekends, so going for lunch on a weekday is a good idea.  I ordered tomato rice with korean ribs and my friends each got a different rice plate instead of ordering family style, which they have too.  This was really good, the korean ribs almost compares to my mom’s and it wasn’t too fatty even though I had to take some of the fat out.  The rice was perfect, I’ve never had good tomato rice and I was skeptical about it but it wasn’t dry and had enough flavor that went really well with the korean ribs.  The side of kimchi wasn’t really kimchi but more like pickled cabbage and it wasn’t that great.  Overall I loved the ribs and I could only finish half the plate.  I think it costed around $8 but I could be wrong.   Good place for some Vietnamese food (even though mine was obviously not Viet).



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