Taqueria Las Vegas – Milpitas

Taqueria Las Vegas
Milpitas CA

Best Mexican food, hands down.  This place has been featured on Food Network and has gotten so many awards and yet it’s still Milpitas’ hidden gem.  It’s never packed to the point that I have to find a place to sit but oh man the food is amazing.  I always get something different and I have never been disappointed.  This time I went before catching a flight down to LA and I got these steak soft tacos with spicy (yes you read correctly) salsa.  I was tearing up while eating it because it was so spicy but I couldn’t stop because they were SO GOOD.  The meat is so tender and marinated just right and the fresh warm tortillas just made it heaven.  This place also has the best tortilla chips ever.  It’s in a heated tray and you get it yourself (as much as you want) after ordering as an appetizer.  I always watch them make it from scratch and it really shows in the crunch and fresh flavor. My favorite thing to do is squeeze lime and sprinkle them with tabasco sauce or tapatio and then they are perfect to eat.

My favorite part about Las Vegas is the HORCHATA.  They have the best horchata I have ever had, no joke.  I can’t even describe it and thinking about it right now at 1:30 in the morning is making my mouth water…I guess it calls for a trip tomorrow lol.

If you’re going to come to Milpitas for anything, it’s to try the food here.  You’ll love the friendly and quick service and you will not be sorry about the food.



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