Maru Ichi Ramen – Milpitas

Maru Ichi Ramen
Milpitas, CA

Home for the summer! Which means going out to eat A LOT.  The first adventure was at this ramen place in Milpitas that has literally been right next door to the Quickly I go to often and yet I never took notice until I had a craving one day and yelped it.  I got Combo B which came with a huge bowl of Tonkatsu ramen, gyoza, and california rolls for $9.95.  The ramen was very filling, I couldn’t even finish it (and I did not drink all the broth) and it was pretty decent, the broth wasn’t too salty or anything and the meat was very tender, the soft boiled egg was new to me but it was really good with the noodles (yay cholesterol).  The noodles itself were a little too soft/mushy to my liking but the flavor was good, not too bland.  It’s not comparable to Little Tokyo ramen places but it was still really yummy.  The gyoza was just the way I liked it, crispy but not too hard and had a yummy filling.  The roll was huge with a lot of imitation crabmeat and avocado inside.  Service was prompt and friendly, even though they’d leave the restaurant altogether so nobody was really watching over customers.  In fact I overheard one waitress tell another that two people just gave her the excuse that they were going to get money from the ATM and they never came back…fail.  But my experience was good and my group enjoyed the ramen, definitely will be back if another craving comes along.


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