Nem Nuong – Rosemead


Restaurant Review: Nem Nuong in Rosemead

Two of my friends from back home took me to this little, Vietnamese restaurant near Rosemead High School. Let me tell you, I’ve lived here for a really long time, and I honestly never noticed this place until they pointed it out.

I had the boys order for me, since they were the ones who were craving food. They ordered this thing called Banh Beo, which came with individual amounts in small plates. It was really good! It was my first time eating it, and I’ve never seen or heard of it before. Great choice guys! I definitely liked the texture of the dish and also the sauce that goes with it. It’s cute, and fun to eat!

We also ordered shrimp and pork spring rolls, which were really great! They had a nice crunch to it, and also they were rather filling. I loved the sauce that went with the spring rolls. This orange sauce is something I’ve never tried before, so i was surprised to find it was a great combination.

The prices for the spring rolls were around 6-7 dollars, which I think is a bit much just for spring rolls. (But I could be spoiled because of Nicole)

I give this place a rating of 4/5


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