Guppy Tea House – Cerritos

Restaurant Review: Guppy Tea House Special Shaved Ice

I came here for the first time last Friday, with Calvin. Let me tell you, we went to the place in Cerritos, and it was NOT easy to find at all. We wandered around Cerritos for a good hour before we found the restaurant (and when we called in for directions, they weren’t very good with them). But it was an adventure to get here, and it definitely worked up an appetite for us.

I’ve only heard of Guppy’s Tea House by word of mouth and didn’t know what to expect when we ordered the $12 shaved ice with strawberries and mangoes. When it came, Calvin and I were so shocked we thought they had gotten the wrong order. We were sure we ordered a small!

And to our surprise, this was a small order.

This monstrous shaved ice was… a SMALL!?!?!???!

It was very good! I loved how the condense milk was all over the shaved ice and the fruit was very very fresh. I definitely want to try tackling this thing down again one day, with more people!

I was quite miserable and defeated by the end, and we had a lot left over too. But definitely, I loved this shaved ice and it was worth the cost, in my opinion.

I rate this shaved ice


just to give you an idea of how big this thing really was
the aftermath


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